2017 Membership Drive

$440.00 9%
Goal: $5,000.00

Two Rivers Sanctuary Logo2017 Annual Intention: Our intent is to provide a sacred space where we can cleanse our spirits, call in our allies, connect with our deepest selves and each other, and fill our souls with love.

We do this work so that we may better resist toxicity, protect the most vulnerable, and move toward a life-affirming future. We welcome you to join us in this work.

Last May, we introduced the community to Two Rivers Sanctuary, which is the home of Connect DC, Reflections Mystery School, and the Order of Elemental Mysteries (OEM).  Although OEM has been incorporated as a church in Washington DC since 2012, we felt we needed to draw attention to the reality of pagan-owned land in our nation’s capital.

We have organized and led public rituals, classes, and programs for almost two decades. For the last several years our temple and labyrinth have provided dedicated sacred space for use during these rituals and classes.  We have dreams of expanding our membership and our mission. Pagans, spiritual seekers, and all who are curious about engaging with Mystery are invited to join us.

Our mission connects individual spiritual work to the diverse communities that surround us and to the work of humanity as a whole. This work is only possible when we can meet our annual expenses and have the energy and resources to grow our work. Our 2017 fundraising goal is $5000.  We are asking for your support during our annual membership campaign.

Friend: $100.00
or $10 per Month

Blessed Votive Candle

$10.00 per month
Supporter: $150.00
or $15 per Month

Blessed Votive Candle with a Two Rivers Sanctuary Glass Holder

$15.00 per month
Sustainer: $250.00
or $25 per Month

Blessed and Herb Filled 25 Hour Glass Candle

$25.00 per month
Builder: $500.00
or $50 per Month

Blessed 7 Day Spell Candle Customized Personally by Katrina Messenger

$50.00 per month

Who We Are

Two Rivers Sanctuary is the home of Connect DC, Reflections Mystery School and the Order of the Elemental Mysteries.

It houses our temple, our school, and the motherhouse of our religious order.

We hold rituals on the sabbaths of the solar wheel and full moon meditations. Reflections holds it classes within the temple and our labyrinth is open during Full Moons.

The entire community is invited to join us on service days as we work together on service projects, cleaning up the temple and caring for the labyrinth and garden.

@ The Sanctuary

Annual Membership Drive Begins Beltane 2017

Today begins the launch of our 2017 Membership Drive.  Our fundraising goal this year is $5,000.  Our Annual Membership Party will be June 3rd at Hands on Drums.

December Full Moon

Sunday, December 3, 2017 - 7:00pm

Full Moon Open Temple Sunday December 3, 2017 7:00pm - 9:00pm Guided Meditation begins at 7:45pm Take time out of the craziness of daily life to refresh and cleanse your soul in the light of the moon. You can walk our candle-lit Labyrinth, sit in quiet contemplation in the temple, cleanse yourself in holy water empowered by the moon, and participate in a guided meditation. When you enter the temple, do so quietly and with minimal talking so as not to disturb others who are communing with their gods and spirits.

Connect DC Yule

Sunday, December 17, 2017 - 11:30am

Gather at 11:30, Ritual at Noon